Film Workshops – Technical and Creative Elements of Cinematic Expression.
Lighting from previsualization defines the true nature of creative Film Lighting.
The film workshop aims to demonstrate the method in the creative process of Cinematic Expression. The process starts with choosing an F-Stop for the Scene, which becomes the “canvas” to be painted on with light. All visualized light elements of the Scene are then translated into Fstops with the Zone System of Exposure. The result is the exact reflection of the visualized Scene. The process engages the cinematographer in the true nature of the creative process, which transforms the imagined values of light into a material picture. No improvisation by the video monitor is part of the process. The only requirement on the part of the cinematographer is Imagination. The method saves production time and limits the postproduction “video corrections” to basic video tweaks. The FilmWorkshops aspire to contribute to the participant’s sense of cinematic eloquence.