Film Workshops. Technical and Creative Elements of Cinematic Expression Intensive hands-on with light and camera.
The visual eloquence of the narrative film requires relevance between technical and artistic choices. It is through the homogeneity of those choices that the creative director/Cinematographer achieve the ever so elusive quality in art. The true nature of the creative process is following imagined qualities and materializing them in the medium. The process of creative cinematic expression is no exception as the concepts are expressed by following on preconceived ideas. Once the cinematographer enters the floor, it is about the execution of the mental image. Our film workshops are about translating the Mind Image into the language of film. The Zone System of Exposure converts imagined values of light into F-stops and brings them to film as the exact reflection of a mental image without the necessity of improvising by the video monitor.

Anyone with a desire to move into a realm of beyond in cinematic expression encouraged to apply.