Expressive potential of camera lens is an important aspect of cinematic expression.
Knowledgeable cinematographer manipulates lens choices in order to create Mood or to relate to state of mind of the Character.
Director calls for a CU. You have ten Primes and two Zooms at your disposal.
CU can be taken with any of them… lens is a lens (?!). Well… the choice should be determined by understanding of state of
mind of the Character in this very moment within a story.
Each different Focal Length has its own unique “psychological attributes” knowledge of which is detrimental in cinematic
expression. Lens can beautify or else distort in a negative way. Cinematography is not just about photographing. It is about
creating environment that relates to emotional content of the Scene.
Lens attributes such as Focal Length,  Depth of Field, Perspective Distortion and Selective Focus  help cinematographer
achieve his/her goal of emotional adequacy in visual interpretation of the story. Knowledge of lens physical and psychological
attributes gives freedom and diversity of self expression. It is helpful when personal qualities of cinematographer include
those of sensibility and imagination.