“Colors are forces, radiant energies that affect us positively or negatively, whether we are aware of it or not. The effects of
colors should be experienced and understood, not only visually, but also psychologically and symbolically ” (Johannes Itten)

Color is a very important element of cinematic expression. Cinematographer utilizes its quality to relate to mood and/or state
of mind of the character.

Red – Fire – Passion (“Light my Fire”)
Yellow – Sunny Cheerful Morning
Green – Enclosure of the Forest
Blue – Rainy, Wet Day (“Feeling Blue”
Grey – Overcast “Dull, Colorless Day”

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Perpetual appearance of colors in nature determines our Natural associations. Then there are Cultural associations where
resulting quality of perception is determined by cultural background and life experience. Here we start dealing with Color
Symbolism as diverse as cultures themselves. Approach to color interpretation can be based on Spiritual qualities as
represented by system of Chakra. On a very basic level, it is about freedom of interpretation where choices made are a peculiar
mixture of personal sensibility and intellectual background. Intellectual ingredient has a potential of expanding stricte
emotional interpretation into another level of appreciation by exploiting symbolic attributes of color.